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Welcome to Lucid, a Dogz 4 kennel specializing in purebred, non-inbred Border Collies (and eventually other breeds!) Every animal here is raised with the upmost care. The goal for each resident of the kennel is to achieve success both in the show ring, and as a companion.

The notion of having a kennel is nostalgic for me, as my first goal as a child playing petz was to have a line of champion labradors. Maybe I was living out my younger self's dream of having a real-life kennel. Here I am, almost 20 years later... some things just don't change, huh?

When you're done here, please check out my main Petz site, Beatnik!

Last Updated: 9/28/17

Things are just getting started around here! I decided to start with classic Border Collies because they're so iconic and special to me. I have fond memories of the day my old friend Rachel messaged me about this new file that just popped up. We were both obsessed with them, like everyone else in the damn PC at the time. As far as I'm concerned, the BC is an honorary PF Magic breed!