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- Please do not gender swap, hex eyelids, or edit the .pet file in any way other than renaming. I know this rule is uncommon these days, but I'd like this adoption process to be as close to your experience adopting a real puppy as possible!

- Please keep "Lucid's" prefix when showing.

- These pups can be adopted as companions, show petz, OR to add to your own PB/NIB lines... I just want to see them go to homes where they are appreciated!

- Updates, photos, and show-offs are not required but are very much enjoyed. As soon as some Lucid pups find their new homes, I'll be creating a page listing everyone who has been adopted, which will feature any updates!

- Instead of rehoming or deleting, please send back anyone you don't want.


- Your name:
- Litter number (if applicable):
- Pet's name:
- What are your plans for this pet?
- Will you be renaming them, and if so, what to?
- Anything else?

E-mail the completed form to me @ sputnik314(at)aol.com!


Alice and Dakota [litter #: BC-001]

All female, 5th gen. Bred using the tri-merle dali OW, picked up at Aussome. Cynthia is the POTL!
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