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p.s. ali is a pose wizard <3
Aussome/Lucid's Fortunate Son

Sex: Male
D.O.B.: October 8, 2017
Generation: 4th
Breeder: Cath @ Aussome
Parents: Eponine x Timberlake
Notes: Asher was kindly bred for me by Cath, when I asked for some more PB/NIB border collies. He's descended from BC royalty! His maternal great-grandparents are none other than Ricky and Tess themselves.

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9 points

BIS @ Ali's Standard Dali #9 (WW)
1st @ Arie's Dali EBW #62 (WW)

MGCh. Lucid's Astral Traveler

Sex: Female
D.O.B.: September 27, 2017
Generation: 4th
Breeder: Lucid
Parents: Delia x Tad
Notes: Alice, like Dakota, is a VIP here at Lucid... in fact, she's #1! I was enamored by her cool tones - blue is my favorite eye color on dogz ever, and I think it suits her steel-grey coat. She's got a pretty fun personality. Hyper and goofy to the extreme. Despite her aversion to sitting still, I'm hoping she'll have a good career in the show ring ahead of her.

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27 points

3rd @ dxgamer's 2 entry standard #3 (WW)
BIS @ Arie's EBW #49 (WW)
2nd @ Petal Down's EBW (WW)
BIS @ Ali's EBW (WW)
BIS @ Petal Down's EBW (WW)
3rd @ Arie's Standard #14 (WW)
BIS @ Rainy's Standard #1 (WW)

(he's still learning to pose :P)
Lucid's Feral Heart

Sex: Male
D.O.B.: September 27, 2017
Generation: 3rd
Breeder: Lucid
Parents: Sugar x Squeeze
Notes: Dakota is one of the first residents of Lucid Kennels. He was bred to be one of the starter dogz for Lucid's BC lines, so his parents aren't part of the kennel, poor guy! I happen to think he's quite handsome, and hopefully he'll sire equally good-looking pups!

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